Banking on Facebook Likes

In the highly esteemed world of the social networks, there is no more prominent and preeminent player than Facebook. This 1 billion plus user social media platform is ubiquitous as are its “likes”. We are all constantly being asked to like a brand on Facebook. It seems all these businesses or other entities want is likes (and some of them even buy Facebook Likes cheap. A Facebook like is clearly a highly sought after and valuable thing.

Facebook Likes

Why are these likes, which are easy to get really – just a click of a button on a Fan Page – so coveted? Because all sites want to show that they are popular – indeed the most popular in their particular area or niche. This can be in business, athletics, even charities and schools. As Facebook is the biggest of the social networks, it makes sense that people want others to believe that they are the most popular. And the funny thing is that by showing that you have likes you will find it easier to get new likes. Popularity is like a virus (thus the phrase “going viral”) in that is is catching. That is why every brand, product, service, charity, school and group is vying for your likes. They know that this will beget even more likes and draw more people into their postings and Fan Page which in turn may make them buyers or users or fans on some level that will be meaningful.

Likes were once just called fans, but Facebook saw this concept as too limiting. You can’t bank on a one dimensional concept. But when they changed to likes, you could begin to like so many things – no just the page, but the images, the posts almost everything. This was much more flexible and effective. And it caught on like wildfire. Don’t just be a fan, but like us and everything we do.

Well as everyone is into getting likes it helps to know how to do this. The big brands use serious marketing campaigns and promotions to bring in likes. Some Fan Pages have contests to bring more people to their Pages. There are a variety of ways to do this, including the ability to buy facebook likes, but clearly people see the need and the space is getting crowded with the echoing din of “like us on Facebook”.

To help, this video show some good ways to market your brand or business or service on Facebook and to help you standout in what is clearly a very sought after click.

Do Banks get Twitter Followers?

Hard to believe, but the answer to that is a resounding Yes! Chase Bank, the largest US bank has over 50,000 followers (although interestingly that is a lot less than the number of customers they have). Twitter is the amazingly successful microblog that has taken the world by storm (and such a storm that some people on twitter have been buying Twitter followers to grow their numbers). This 140 character limited blog has become the go-to platform for news outlets, press releases, celebrities and athletes, not to mention corporations, charities, associations and even high school groups. Given the attention span of today’s over-worked and over-saturated person, the quick missives that Twitter delivers to the account holder’s followers, is really a great way to communicate – and it is the ultimate push, as you send but nobody needs to be home to receive the message.

Of course without Twitter followers, a Twitter account is pretty much pointless, unless all you want to do is receive items from others. Yes, followers are the audience and the more followers you have the greater the size of the audience.

Twitter Followers Tweeting

The great thing about Twitter Followers is that they can actually help multiply an audience. How? By retweeting the original message to their followers. This is the extraordinary power afforded Twitter. Unlike other social networks, this social media platform enables messages to be received by an audience that can grow exponentially with a particularly strong or interesting (either good or bad) tweet. This would explain why there are those who will engage in buying twitter followers just to extend the reach of their audience. But however you get them, having Twitter Followers is the key to being successful on this platform. Without them, then you don’t have reach and your snappy messages will fall upon only a few ears. A disappointing feeling for sure.

So it is important to know how to get more followers on Twitter. Sending messages that are interesting and informative are helpful to this end. Also, tweets that are not so obviously self-serving are said to fare better with followers, and are much more likely to be retweeted (the ultimate goal) than others, so pay heed and be thoughtful about what you tweet. Think of how you respond to the people and entities that you follow and how you react to those tweets. What makes you retweet a message? Talk to your friends and coworks about this. Customers, if applicable too. This will help develop the right approach to tweet construction, as well as frequency of delivery and even time-of-day for sending (an underrated metric for sure).
Here’s a video to show how to deploy successful marketing strategies:

More bankable: YouTube Views or Instagram Followers?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we can certainly say, based on that aphorism, that Instagram is more valuable than Facebook (for an indiviudal), but what about YouTube? A video is comprised of thousands of singular images – so does that make it worth more than Instagram, which, of course, is picture centric? And what would you rather do, buy instagram followers? or buy cheap youtube views? Well given the choice – hmmm, who knows? Both have very large audiences.

large audience for YouTube and Instagram

And both are highly visual experiences. YouTube is a bit more of a mass audience device – Instagram pages are generally intended for a much small and more intimate group – afterall you have to be a follower of an Instagram before you can comment and see all material. Both social media platforms are highly bankable marketing vehicles without a doubt. Indeed they are both very large and have large reach, and especially amongst the most coveted demographic of them all – young people 16-30 years of age.

The bottom line is that neither social network can be ignored. Although the approach is different to each, a constant theme must be presented for both. With YouTube you need to get youtube subscribers to have active engagement with an audience that will have access to not only all of your posted videos, but will be made aware of your latest video uploads. With Instagram, you need followers who in turn you hope will like your images and engage with you and pass the work along. Doesn’t work as smoothly as Twitter in terms of adding followers, but the audience can be more targeted and intimate.

Social networks are an integral part of modern like – something that has vastly changed the way we see the world and communicate with each other in all of our life settings (work, family, friends, play, etc.). Check out this video to see how our lives are affected by social media: